Estate Planning

The Hazards of Estate Planning

A 2010 Indiana court judgment highlights the significance of dealing with an estate planning attorney who can create a tailored estate plan to fulfill your specific needs.

An Indiana insurance coverage marketing firm that used estate strategies to consumers, particularly targeting senior citizens and the senior, was just recently discovered to be practicing law without a license. This marketing firm not only tried to sell an ‘estate plan’ to their client, however they also utilized their customers’ financial information to attempt to offer them insurance coverage products.
In the case of Indiana State Bar Association v. United Financial Systems Corporation., it was found that a marketing firm utilized a panel of attorneys to prepare estate planning documents, such as wills, trusts and powers of attorney. Non-lawyers, really salespeople, consulted with and gathered the information from the clients, and also provided and supervised the finalizing of the files. For this service, a customer was charged over $2,000– which is in the series of what an estate planning attorney would generally charge for drafting and personalizing numerous estate planning documents.

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that the company’s service design “marginalized the attorney’s function to such a degree as to cross the line of permissible practices.” The court not only went into an injunction versus the company, however they also ordered it to provide a copy of the court’s viewpoint to all of their consumers, to provide refunds to specific customers, and to pay attorney’s costs and expenses of the Indiana State Bar Association, which brought the match versus the company.
A real estate plan can not be acquired online, nor purchased from a marketing firm– it needs to be tailor-made to match your requirements. Work with an estate planning lawyer in your state to supply the legal proficiency that your family requires, and should have.