What Is Woodstock Thankful For?

Hello there, it’s Woodstock here, the Woodland Veterinary Hospital feline! For the individuals who don’t have any acquaintance with me, I live in the treatment region of WVH and help regulate the majority of the patient consideration. Since Thanksgiving is relatively here, I needed to set aside some opportunity to share a portion of the things I am appreciative for with every one of you. In no specific request:

Greenies! (so delectable)

Conveyances (and destroying the containers and Styrofoam they come in!)

Newly washed towels/covers

Unique guests (like Dr. Mackie) who plainly come just to see me!



Strolls outside

Snoozing in sunbeams in test rooms

The warm careful tables after somebody completes a medical procedure (or previously!)

Snoozes on the blue seat in drug store (particularly in the event that somebody warmed it up first!)

Rosa, Carmelle, and Dr. Johnson (otherwise known as Suckers I realize I can generally get treats and pets from!)

My case of window hangings (primo naptime spot)

Uneaten nourishment from different patients

Things to sit in

What’s more, Dr. Rode (for sparing my life every one of those years prior)

Upbeat Thanksgiving to everybody, from me and my Woodland Vet family!

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