Estate Planning

Developing a Self-Proving Will in Florida

To get around the judicial procedure of authenticating a will, the Florida legislature enacted Section 732.503 of the Florida Statutes within the Florida Probate Code. To develop a self-proving will, a testator needs to adhere to the legal requirements to develop a legitimate will. In addition to signing a will in front of two impartial witnesses who likewise offer their signatures, a testator will self-prove his will in front of a notary utilizing a statutory recognition form.

The testator’s objective witnesses should swear that they saw the testator sign his will, and the testator needs to swear that his witnesses signed his will in front of him. The testator, the notary and the testator’s witnesses provide these affirmations under oath.
By developing self-proving wills, testators can assist expedite the probate procedure usually required to verify their wills.